About Naomi Kerennaomi

Naomi Keren is currently a PhD student in a joint research project of Bar Ilan university, Israel, and CJMC, Copenhagen university, Denmark, entitled Jews in Denmark in an Age of Changing Identities: Religion, Secularization & Acculturation (1780–1870).

Ms. Keren has been an esteemed journalist for over 20 years. She was the anchorwoman of the evening news show on Channel 1 TV, the presenter of many TV and radio documentary and cultural programs, including 2 series on the National Geographic TV channel.
Ms. Keren was also a news editor, and headed news editorial boards on TV and radio channels.
In 2012-2016 Ms. Keren was head of the lecturing program in the IDF disabled organization – Beit Halochem.
Naomi Keren holds a B.A. in History from Tel Aviv university, Israel, and an M.A. in Jewish studies from Schechter Institute, Jerusalem, Israel.