About the book

“La Señora” is a historical novel written as a letter exchange about the life & times of Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi. It is a fiction based on the true historical figure of the very rich and most influential Portuguese ‘New Christian’ widow, who lived in the 16th cen. The amazing and hazardous life story of Dona Gracia crossed geographical, political, cultural and most of all, religious boundaries. She was born as a Christian in Lisbon, Portugal, and died as a Jew in the Muslim Ottoman Empire. In between she led a double life as a ‘New Christian’, practicing reminisces of forbidden Judaism in Antwerp, Venice and Ferrara. At the same time she ran a worldwide commercial empire of spices, and a secret network of agents which helped save the lives and property of thousands of Portuguese ‘New Christian’, like herself, emerging as a true Jewish public leader.

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La Señora was published in Israel (in Hebrew) in 2013 by Kinneret, Zemora-Bitan, Dvir – Publishing House Ltdcoin-la